Will Call
For smaller or last minute orders we offer our Will Call service. We'll help you load/unload your vehicle and have you on your way. Open 6 days a week, M-F 8:30-5pm and Saturdays, 8:00-2pm.

Delivery & Pickup Service
We can only offer delivery for orders with a rental item total over $200 (minimum increases outside of Austin). Our standard Delivery and Pickup charge starts at $150, Monday through Saturday in Austin. We will honor requests for AM or PM until the delivery/pickup slots for that day are filled. If you require a more exact delivery/pickup time, we offer Specified Delivery/Pickup.

Specified Delivery/Pickup
Deliveries and Pickups can be scheduled for our specified delivery service and will guarantee delivery/pickup within a one hour window of your choice between 9-5pm. This service must be arranged prior to the delivery/pickup day and can be limited by the number of specified time requests we receive for a given day. Charges are $250.00 per specified Delivery/Pickup window.

After Hours Delivery & Pickup
Deliveries and Pickups can be scheduled anytime outside of our regular business hours. Pricing for this service begins @ $200 and can increase based on time, location, and size of order. Call us at (512) 491-7368 for a quote.

Sunday Delivery & Pickup
Deliveries and Pickups scheduled on Sunday can be arranged. Pricing for this service begins @ $150 and can increase based on time, location, and size of order. Call us at (512) 491-7368 for a quote.

Setup & Takedown of Tables and Chairs
Upon delivery and pickup, our drivers can setup & knockdown tables and chairs for you. Pricing for this service is $1/chair and $2/table. This service must be arranged for prior to the day of delivery so that our schedule for the day will include appropriate time and equipment for the setup/takedown.

Chaircover/Sash Installation
Marquee Rents can send a crew to your venue or home to install chaircovers and sashes. There is a minimum charge of $2/chaircover for our crew to install in a pre-set room with ample time for setup. A standard crew can install approximately 80 covers per hour.

Site Visits for Future Tent Installations
Tenting can add a new dimension to your next event. To insure you rent the right tent for your space and needs, Marquee Rents offers a complimentary site visit at your event location. This not only insures that you, our customer, get exactly what you want, but will insure our crews know the area and terrain they will be working in and bring proper equipment to the job site. Call (512) 491-7368 to schedule.

CAD Drawings with PartyCad Software
PartyCAD is a great tool for planning your next event. Provide us with the dimensions of your room, tent, or space and we can turn it into a virtual model complete with tables, chairs, staging, dancefloor, and any number of accessories to complete your event. Call (512) 491-7368 for more information

On Call Delivery Driver for After-Hours Emergencies
If you are experiencing difficulties with the items you've received, we provide 24-hour assistance.
Call (512) 801-7135 to contact our on-call driver.